The process of combining photochemistry and photoplasma has been reported to be extremely potent in removing contaminants from the air and surfaces. There is scientific evidence that surfaces can be decontaminated 100 - 2000 times faster than with other purifying methods.

Typical ion air filtration systems are unable to remove the most allergenic particulate matter due to their microscopic size and rely on pushing all the contaminated air through a filter system with a fan to sift the air of contaminants. This does not sterilize surfaces and the process takes time.

Removing biological contaminants from surfaces by corona d ozone may take 10 hours.

Ultraviolet light in the highly bactericidal range of 253.7 nanometers would take 1 hour for the same result.

Corona discharge ozone and ultraviolet light combined can achieve the same result in 1.5 minutes.

UVColdPlasma sterilization units utilize a broader and more energetic ultraviolet bandwidth, resulting in photoplasma and photocatalytic oxidation with ions that cleans the same surface in 20 seconds.

Typical "Air Purifiers" Do Nothing to Eliminate Viruses

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an emergence of new technologies advertised for helping remove the pathogen from the air. However, many of the methods have major flaws that present significant implementation challenges or make them ineffective at preventing the spread of COVID-19. The Coronavirus was found to stay alive on surfaces by the National Health Institute for up to 3 days.


Ionization is unable to capture and remove viruses, therefore failing to create a virus-free safe place.

Ionization machines work by passing air through a chamber of two electrified metal plates that are so high in voltage, any particles passing through are forced to take on a positive or negative charge.

This means that the charged particles will be cleared from the air as they are magnetically driven to adhere onto any surfaces in their surroundings - including your skin! The dust and odors are no longer in the air however, they are clinging to everything else in the room. This means that all the viral particles from the air, plus whatever else was in the air is all over everything in your space.

Air Filtration

While an air filtration system can help to clear the air and reduce the amount of viral particles in the air of your space without creating an extra layer of debris... it cannot sterilize surfaces for you. And as said before, Covid can stay alive on surface for up to 3 days!

With UVColdPlasma Air & Surface Sterilization units it is unnecessary for the air to be filtered. This is because the units produce a gas that spreads quickly and evenly utilizing the technologies of Photoplasma and Photocatalytic Oxidation.