Say Goodbye! To toxic gasses, mold, fungus, viruses, bacteria, allergens, odors, radon... Welcome Fresh Air with 24/7 Protection!

Technical Specifications

Plasma Reactor

The chemical-free Plasma Reactor modifies the air into a charged gas in contained spaces to neutralize viruses, bacteria, mold, VOCs, odors, toxic gasses, and all forms of allergens.  It sanitizes the air and all exposed surfaces in the room. This technology is nontoxic and offers wide support for health and healing!  

The process of combining photochemistry and photoplasma has been reported to be extremely potent in removing contaminants from the air and surfaces. There is scientific evidence that surfaces can be decontaminated 100 - 2000 times faster than with other purifying methods.

Cold Oxygen Plasma can Protect you from the Chemical Spill

There is Proven Technology that Removes Toxic Gasses from the Air

East Palestine, Ohio citizens could have a break from the dangerous chemicals in their atmosphere within their homes with a technological discovery that produces Cold Oxygen Plasma. Cold Oxygen Plasma is a charged gas that spreads evenly and swiftly to cleanse not just toxic gasses, but also viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, and VOCs in the air and on surfaces in indoor spaces. It is also very beneficial for those that are experiencing chemical-induced respiratory symptoms as Cold Oxygen Plasma cleanses the lungs and has been shown to improve pulmonary fibrosis, covid pneumonia, and bronchitis. The technology has been used commercially for over two decades and is now available as a home unit called the Plasma Reactor. It can decontaminate up to 3,000 Sq Ft 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without chemicals. Reducing chemical exposure for citizens in Ohio is imperative right now as many citizens are experiencing negative effects from the exposure, such as nosebleeds, difficulty breathing, and headaches. This may be the single most important addition to their tactics to protect themselves from breathing in toxic chemicals that they can make as some of the more devastating outcomes include liver damage and various cancers.

UVColdPlasma Sterilization Products Utilize the Cleansing Powers of Photoplasma, Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO), Ions, and Hydrogen Peroxide Combined to Sterilize Indoor Air and All Exposed Surfaces

Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) is an advanced oxidation process that combines the power of UVC light and a highly reactive metallic catalyst to accelerate photoreactions. In the PCO process, the UVC light’s energy reacts with the catalyst to create an energy gap that is used to generate Cold Oxygen Plasma composed of free radicals, such as ions and hydrogen peroxide. The radical species are highly reactive with organic compounds, and quickly and efficiently oxidize toxic gasses, odors, bacteria, viruses, and harmful or unwanted chemicals.