New research shows that fetuses are exposed to chemicals that are damaging to their immune systems, neurological systems, respiratory systems, and brains through exposure from their mothers before they are born.  Women are regularly exposed to 200+ Volatile Organic Compounds through their makeup, hair products, bath products, and home furnishings. (SOURCE)

"Exposure to a variety of toxic chemicals has been associated with adverse health outcomes. Presumably, the most vulnerable population for these adverse health outcomes are fetuses that are exposed to toxicants in utero. Fetuses have immature organ systems and often their detoxification enzymes or enzymatic processes are not fully developed when exposures occur. Many xenobiotic chemicals have been shown to pass through the placental barrier and into the fetal bloodstream. These exposures have been associated with adverse birth outcomes, neurocognitive delays, and adult-onset disease."

Authors Dana B Barr 1, Amanda Bishop, Larry L Needham; 1National Center for Environmental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This exposure continues once they are born. Many mothers are anxious to bring home their babies to a place fresh and new with brand-new furnishings, flooring, and fresh paint on the walls, thinking that creates a clean atmosphere. Many do not realize that the new item smell is actually the off-gassing of Volatile Organic Compounds that are breathed in and quickly seep in through thin baby skin.  According to the EPA, each of us inside our homes, schools, offices, and other places indoors are breathing in polluted air that is often 2 to 5 times and up to 100 times worse than the outdoor air. This may come as a big surprise, as we don’t see the pollution inside like we do when we experience seeing outdoor pollution, like smog.

Common Culprits of Indoor VOCs 

 There is a long list of items that typically off-gas VOC fumes:

Scientists found in an observational study at the University Medical School in Pisa, Italy that “Human exhaled breath contains several thousand of VOCs that vary in abundance and number and can show our physiological health status." The exhaled VOCs show how our bodies are metabolizing them, including the ones that affect our nervous system. The VOCs that are not properly metabolized linger in our breath. Analyzing what is breathed out can now tell them if you are developing Alzheimer’s disease. VOCs are now shown to cause many diseases, including breast cancer, and Parkinson's disease. High levels of Formaldehyde and Ethyl Alcohol, found concentrated in manufactured homes; produce autism, asthma, respiratory problems, cancer, nervous system damage, heart disease, and psychiatric problems.

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