mini Power Zone


The chemical-free mini Power Zone modifies the oxygen in contained spaces and on surfaces to quickly disintegrate viruses, bacteria, mold, VOCs, odors, and all forms of allergens!  The technology is non-toxic and offers wide support for human health and healing. The mini Power Zone is smaller yet more powerful than the original Power Zone!  

Quickly Sterilize Before Every Event to Protect your Guests

mini Power Zone is our industrial-strength Cold Plasma sterilization model.  This product generates more ozone and other purifying elements; designed to quickly sterilize small and large environments while unoccupied.  This lightweight, portable air and surface purifier can neutralize any odor, making it the ideal cleaning companion for removing Animal Odor, Post-Flood Repair, Food Storage, Garbage/Rubbish collection Areas, Hotel Rooms, Mold Control, Odor Abatement, Rental Property Maintenance, Restrooms/Washrooms, Smoke Removal, and Vehicle Odor Removal. 

Technical Specifications